Today I said Good-bye to my best friend. My Beautiful Copper Stallion. My closest childhood buddy. The one I shared all of my secrets with. My partner for all my adventures and expeditions. The psychic one who knew my every thought. My comforter when I was sad, My playmate, The one who answered his name when I called, who galloped up to my whistle,
The Baby sitter who taught my children to ride.
Just two nights ago I polished your gleaming copper coat and cream colored mane and tail while singing you the song "Wildfire". You must have somehow known because you stuck by me all night as I walked from stall to stall feeding everyone else. I wish I'd known, I would have stayed with you and savored every second of the rest of your life. I feel cheated that you were taken from me early. My heart will be so empty without you. Last night as I buried my face in your soft mane, I wanted to sleep with you forever. You were my dream come true .
When your Mother was pregnant with you, I dreamed and prayed you would be a red stallion. I remember the day you were born. I was SO happy and proud. Every second of my life was spent teaching
and talking to you. When you were too young to ride, I took you swimming in the lake to make your lungs strong. I galloped your Mom up and down the sandbars to make your muscles strong. We went for long walks, I showed you everything so you would never be afraid of anything, and you weren't. When you were old enough for formal training and I introduced you to the bit, you told me you didn't like it, so we made a pact that you would never run away with me if I promised to always use a gentle hackamore. We both lived up to our pact.
When the glorious day came to mount my perfect prince, we both were fearless. Ill never forget that moment. You were the best,
the smartest, the magnificent one. I was so blessed to have had you.
Some of my happiest childhood memories were of galloping you and your mother up the creek to Granny's house for homemade cookies which she happily gave to all of us. My sweet Granny beat you to heaven only by a couple of weeks. I bet she has cookies waiting for you there my friend!!!
The Legacy of foals you left behind will comfort me, but no one will ever fill the huge hole in my heart, my life that you once filled. My Trojan horse, your thick arched neck, Large noble eyes. Velvet mussel, I will miss you so much....When I get to heaven, and I'm standing at the gates, I'm going to whistle and expect you to gallop up and carry me across. If you don't, It won't be heaven to me. Gallop in the clouds with your Mom now, my Copper Prince, pain free forever.

I love you !!!