Anazeh El Nasar

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      *Kaisoon (Kaysoon) 1958
    *Bakil 1978  
  Anazeh El Zarah 1985   *Om El Arab 1967
      Sar Ibn Moniet 1973
    Fa Moniet Anzara 1981  
      Anchor Hill Amida 1973
Anazeh El Nasar 1995
      Shaikh Al Badi 1969
    Ibn Shaikh 1984  
      *Bint Alaa Eldin 1969
  Abadiiya 1987   *Kaisoon (Kaysoon) 1958
    *Set Abouha 1975  
      *Set Husen 1971


Rare Black Straight Egyptian Arabian
Location: Lizella, Georgia 31052 Breed: Arabian
Date Foaled: MAR 1995 Gender: Stallion
Height: 15.1 hh Weight: 950 pounds
Color: Black Other Color
or Markings:
Registered? Yes Reg. Assn: AHR 
Reg. Number: 0525524 For Lease: No
For Sale:  No Standing At Stud : $1000/$500
Horse Skills
or Potential:

Halter Champion


Out of the sands of Arabia comes the rarest jewel of all,.. the Black Straight Egyptian Arabian! Highly sought after by kings, but often feared as evil spirits by the Bedouins. Black foals were often murdered at birth by superstitious Bedouins! Even today we see the black color greatly reduced in todays Arabian genetic pools.
Anazeh El Nasar is not only Straight Egyptian, but also Al Khamsa, Asil, and Blue list! He is SWEEPSTAKES nominated, and last year won "HORSE OF THE YEAR" in halter! His sire, "Anazeh El Zahra", was a winning race horse!

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