Sunvalley River Rides

In the hectic World we live in....ever dream of an escape; just a little vacation from work

and worries?  Maybe your whole family could use an outing to get reacquainted...

a birthday or anniversary that you will never forget!


How does a relaxing trail ride through shady trails along the banks of a river sound?

A magical place with wildlife everywhere, sandbars to picnic on, water to splash or swim in!


Sun Valley is your answer! We are now scheduling River Rides!


We will be scheduling "day rides" where we pack picnic

lunches, load up and haul to a secluded area, and ride all day with our group.


We will also be scheduling  "camping rides" where we stay over night with the horses

and grill out for the group. We will sit around a campfire and listen to our cowboy guides

play guitar music as we drift off to sleep watching the flames burning our worries away.


Everyone needs a vacation for the mind now and then...

or a romantic interlude with our spouse..

or a very unique date for someone we want to impress!

Join us for "food for the soul" on one of our outings!

Call for pricing and available dates!

Here are some pictures of past river rides. What a blast we all had!